In USA day 9

Because of the rain yesterday, Michael didn’t know if or were we was going to train today.  15 minutes before we were leaving, he decided that we were going to train at Star West.

The track was so slippy that the first session it felled like I ride at a track whit oil. I was using this session to learn the track, but it was also very funny. I love when its muddy.

Session number 2 Michael and Jamie helped me over to doubles and one triple. Michael also timed me.

When we were done for the day, it was a supercross that was riding at the Supercross track. I take some pictures of him and also someone of Damon and Lewis.

At home I printed my Norwegian homework out, and read that so many times, that I had to take a facebook brake.

On the evening we went on a bar/Restaurant, there I was eating a sandwich.  When we was home I was so tired, so I went straight to the bed.  

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