In USA day 14

We started the day with a iced caramel mocha, that made Lewis sick. I finished it on the way to Perris raceway.


When we arrived at the track it looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to ride. I put my motocross kit on in record time.


Within the first 4 laps I jumped 3 more jumps then I had jumped last time. One of them was a big triple.


I jumped it 4 times, before I had a break. It scared me every time.


When I was having a break, Lewis also tried the triple, but it didn’t go that well. Lewis ended up in hospital, I was worried about him. We continued to ride the rest of the day, and it was awesome.


When we got home the two fit guys, Frankie and me, went on a run. The other lazy guys were going to get something to eat.


Frankie was a bit faster than me, but he waited for me at some places. It was a hard run, I had a stitch for most of it.


It was good to finish the run. When we got home, Lewis and Michael were there.  Lewis was okay, but he had a bad knee.


In the evening Frankie, Chris, Greg and me were going to get something to eat, before all the guys was going on the cinema, except from Lewis and me because I wasn’t old enough.


At home we watched “Arthur” that was going to be a comedy  but it was also a sad film. Now it’s late and I’m going to bed. Good night.

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