In USA day 11

It was time for the world greatest track, Glen Helen!


The day started with a talk with mum and dad on Skype. After that we had to leave. We had to go 15 minutes earlier because the track was far away.


When we got to the track we parked right in front of Adam Cianciarulo. He’s the fastest rider on a 85cc, in the whole of USA. I have met him once before and that was at the Loretta Lynn’s. They wasn’t at the track for long, but I watched every session he had! He is my idol.


There was many «superstars» at the track today. So when I ride I felt like a beginner. Some of the “superstars” was:

Dean Wilson
Jason Anderson
Adam Cianciarulo


I had 5×15 minutes on the track and the third session I borrowed Lewis Go Pro camera.



Before we went out and ate, we watched Deal Or No Deal.

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One Response to “In USA day 11”
  1. Eivind sier:

    Hei Genette. Jeg får ikke linken til å virke her…

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